Buenos dias

I love the worm weather and I like to rest in the sun (with sun protecting cream) but in the night it’s so hard to sleep. If you live in a worm country please tell me how to make it colder in the bedroom. I woke up some times this night and I hate it. When I’m going to work I’ll need sleep.

Save a prayer for this day.


Working Ebba

Finally I have a job and even though it’s intense and my thoughts are occupied with it I kind of like it. It’s in the elderly care. I’m rather occupied by work thoughts than my own over thinking thoughts. I would actually like to have experience by everything so I can take that with me in my future job.

Full of plans

I’m actually excited about the future. I’m curious about how it will be. What will I work with in ten years? Kindergarten teacher, photographer, writer or something very different?

I’m just so proud that I’ve got a job for the summer so I can maybe, perhaps buy a car which equals more job opportunities. I’m curious as hell how my job for the autumn will be.

There are so many things that I’m excited about and I think this is the best age. 23, I have so much in front of me, I am so full of ideas and plans because I will not ever give up on my dreams.

I’m going to live my life to the fullest with this man by my side.

Happy to be me

I forgot to write since I am like that, I forget things I’m doing then goes on to next thing. I can start drink a beer and then I forget to drink it and go to take another beer or a glass of water. I sometimes forget what I was about to say, here I am !

I have had some busy days. My sister graduated (so proud of her), I finally have a full time job, I started to go to the gym and I hate allergies.

I have honestly nothing to complain about right now and that feels so good. I can’t wait until the autumn but I will enjoy this summer as well.

Finally I can start save money to the future Colombia trip.

Special weeks

These weeks are the most eventful weeks this months. The reason is that it’s my sisters graduation next week (I’m so proud of her) and we got some visits from Colombia. Yesterday my sisters biological father arrived to Sweden and next day her biological mother (and aunt) will arrive. As an adoptee this one of the greatest moments.

Since my sister is on vacation I have been showing him around and I’m so happy for my Spanish skills. On my Facebook page (E.K- photography) and on my Instagram (ebbisz) you’ll see some photos. I can’t wait until I will take photos of my sisters prom.

Highly sensitive and proud

Let me put something out there for you guys. For a long long time I have felt like a freak because I’m more sensitive than others, I have cried, hated myself and well wanted to be someone I’m not.

Today was the day when I realized that I am proud of who I am, I am tired of people sighing when I cry about something they said. So what if I cry easily or get angry or happy easily. People love me for who I am so I must do something right. If you don’t, well go and talk with someone else. I don’t want to be with someone who don’t accept me for the way I am. The most important thing is that I accept myself. I do that, now, finally.

Having something to do

Hi, I’m finally a busy woman. The bad part is that I don’t have time for going to the gym. At least I don’t need to worry about that other people need to pay for me and I will not have time for worrying about unnecessary things.

This is from when I worked this Saturday.