Weird traditions

In Sweden we celebrate midsummer. I don’t really know why we celebrate it but use to sing and dance around a grass thing that looks like something else. During the evenings we eat fish and potatoes and then other food. To that we drink liquor that taste worse than medicine for your neck but we do that with joy. We sing songs before drinking it.

Sometimes we drink a little to much of these so we get drunk and our singing voice sounds worse the more the time goes.

Sometimes girls pick seven kinds of flowers to lay under the pillow. Then they will dream who they will marry.

This year I celebrated the tradition with my boyfriend and his family and their friends. Yes at the end of the evening I was a bit drunk but I had a good time! I must say that I like our traditions even though they are a bit similar to each other.

Behind me there is a sign that says “You are a fine human “.


Live and enjoy everyday

What I’ve learnt is that you can’t let days pass without you enjoying the good parts for that day. I have a distance relationship and maybe that’s why I try to live for the moment, you need to save the good memories to your memory so you can think of it and smile during the grey days.

For example even though it’s descent weather and I’ve got a cold I try enjoy that…

– …I’ve had a good day.

-…. I can spend some time with my sister.

-…. I can relax in front of the tv watching World Cup.

Find three positive things that happen everyday and you’ll value your life more!

If you save some, you’ll get some, like the chocolate I saved in my fridge.

Copa mundial

It’s World Cup and I’m stuck in front of the tv. Soccer is something I have grown up with and it is big in both of my countries. Both Colombia and Sweden are qualified to world cup which mean that if I’m not working, I’m going to sit, stand or lay in front of the tv. I hope my future children will be as interested about soccer as me, they don’t have to play soccer (if they do it will be great though) because I’ve never liked to play soccer, serious soccer, like real serious soccer games. The only thing I will ask for is if they watch every world cup game with me like a tradition!

News this week

The job I have this summer is amazing. I meet children everyday and they meet me with love, what else can I wish for?

I made an Instagram profile connected to my blog. Why? Well because I have bunch of quotes and other images related to adoption and HSP that I want to share with me. I’m aware of not posting any “too” private pictures on my personal Instagram but I don’t always keep the subject there. On my personal Instagram I am very aware of only post because photographies.

My profile on insta is called AboutAnAdoptee. Go follow and read more, see more than just text.

When you have a lifelong identity crisis.

I feel lost sometimes, not because who I am but because of my heritage and where I am now. I work in a kindergarten much alike the kindergarten I went to when I was younger and the memories are so clear to me now. Everybody were blond except me and a girl who had a dad from a far away country. You could see clearly that I wasn’t one of them except me, I felt like one of them because I was raised the same way.

Now. I feel like a Swedish girl sometimes like when me and a family member have different views on things or when I survive without salary because my mom can help me. Then a thing happened and I felt colombian, lantin and not white. I needed to argue about a thing because I needed to stand up for everybody in this country who don’t are white, who get discriminated because of their race. Then I was on square one, I’m not totally colombian, I’m not a white Swedish woman so who am I?

You know you’re HSP when…

– You need to be alone after a long day after a job that includes talking with people.

– You sit quiet next to your mom and think about what you should talk about.

– When you talk with people you don’t know and you start to analyze every little thing you say.

Please, for your own good, take a break when you know you’re tired of socializing. If you’re not doing that you will be in a bad mood. You can cry and feel like everything isn’t on your side.

A year with hsp

A year ago since I’ve got a book about HSP (highly sensitive person). My mom knew I was more sensitive than the others my whole life but I just thought I was a drama queen who couldn’t shut up about my feelings. I thought I was a mess and that everybody were sick of me crying.

I read this book and I felt less alone, less drama queen and more like I had other needs than “normal” people. Bringing a word to my personality type made my life easier. Now I know my personality better, my body and my soul. I don’t hate that I cry, that’s me, but I can make myself avoid the worst feelings.

The book is called “don’t drown in your feelings” and it saved me from disliking myself.