I hate good dreams, I dreamt the perfect dream today. So I woke up and the perfect dreamguy in my head where gone.
But I found out that you can’t say how the perfect guy should look. The most important is that he is nice, have nice personality.




Why I love Facebook

Okey maybe you’re thinking that Facebook is so unnecessary and boring, well I thought so a year ago. But at first I found friends who came from the same orphanage as me. Me and another girl decided to start a group for the young adults who were adopted from Colombia. A few months later I found a group for them who searched for their biological families. I wrote my biological moms name and a girl sent me a link to my moms Facebook.

She wrote to my mom and when I woke up in the Sunday morning, I saw that my mom had sent me a friendrequest. So now you’re understanding that I was shocked. But happy, That’s why I love Facebook!

Te quiero


When I’m older I promise you to go to Colombia. Until then, I will look at this map and dream.

Diego (my youngest almost) , Neyla my ant and Fabian my oldest youngest brother lol


My dog is here

My dog want to say a few things to you:
Hello my name is Wilda, I’m a schnauzer. Well it wasn’t that I’m going to tell u about. My owner Ebba does always talking about her family in Colombia. Some day when they ate the Friday dinner, the parents said that they where going to buy a new car. Well Ebba didn’t want to buy a new car, instead she said loudly “I don’t want a new car, I want to go to Colombia”. But she thinks that it isn’t something to cry about because she feel sorry for her brother and sister who haven’t found their families. Instead she’s keeping her sadness and anger in her mind.