What I’m going to do before I die

I don’t want to say that I want to be an author or I want to travel around the world because that is a dream for a person who already have anything else in the life. To be honest, I don’t want to be famous or something, I want to meet my family in Colombia. Until then I can’t focus about anything else. I’m so pissed of at this school! I want to live not live in a prison .


It’s all about love

When I hear blood is thicker than water, it means that you’re going to love your biological siblings forever. But the fact is that it don’t have to be them who have the same blood, it can be them you count as your family. Like your adoptive family. Think of your adoptive mom, maybe she couldn’t have babies by herself or maybe she chose to have more children. Then you came to their family, she have to deal with the fact that it is someone else who gave birth, someone else than her who is going to love this baby. And she have also to deal with that you’re going to feel different, cry because you want to find your birthfamily. This mom have to be supportive and give you space. This mom does also have to consider that you’ll not look like her.
Love my mom here in Sweden ❤

Weird world

Dear mom!
Sometimes it feels like this is a wonderful dream. I have two moms, five brothers and a lot of cousins.
It felt so weird that day when I found you, but right now it feels so natural. Like I always have talked to you through Facebook. But suddenly I found out that it would sound really weird for a stranger if I sad that I was born in Colombia, grew up in Sweden, have family in both Colombia and Sweden. I want you to be close to me!
Well for me everything feels so natural like everybody have two families.