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Why I even thought this could become true

Yesterday I watched a movie I did watch when I was nine or ten. A swedish movie which was about a girl who was adopted from India, she found a letter from her biological mom so she wanted to go to India to find her.

So when I saw this I thought “well it isn’t so hard to go to Colombia and I want to find my biological family”.

And see what happend to me, nothing is impossible, just believe in yourself !

Dear mama

I love you, since the day I was born I had missed you. I have a beautiful family here, with everything a kid wished for. But I want you to be here, because I’m shure you would understand me. We have the same temperament. I hope I’ll meet your little baby.
Sincerely your Katherine

Hard to forget

I know that I have a good family here and in Colombia. But I can’t stop thinking about what happend to my dad in Colombia. He wasn’t good for my mom but still, he’s or he was a familymember. But I do not know anything about him. Do I have more siblings? Where did he live before he met mom?

I’m afraid to ask Betty, but I can’t stop thinking about this…Image

Hate Cancer

No I don’t mean cancer as in the horoscope.

I think many of you know someone who had cancer, maybe he/she is healthy today, maybe does he/she still fight for his/her life. The worst part is when the cancer won and that person lost. 

I had read so much about this, my grandpa had a bestfriend who died this year in cancer. 

I heard about a man, who got cancer in his stomach. I’m praying that he will be healthy soon and that cancer got cancer and died.