I am still alive

Dear Jhon!
I’m sorry that I haven’t written in so long time. I didn’t forgot you, I am thinking about you everyday. I just… It is to much for me right now.
I hope that I will meet you son my big brother.
Love you

Vaya mierda

I hate my teacher, she’s so strict and she’s so bitchy even though she’s a women and not a young girl.

Well I’m thinking about Colombia, my friend told me that there are many people who didn’t know that their child was adopted. A girl was in the streets of Colombia and that’s why she was adopted so I think I have so lucky.

The life moved on without me

I feel lost about everything, there are many things I haven’t done in my life but since last year I have to do things on my own, I have to take care of my sister. But sometimes it feels like I’m stuck in the time when I found my family. There are so much to think about…


I don’t know why, but I am fascinated to see how similar the child and the parents are. I like to see how a family is growing. Maybe I like that because my adoptive mom never had been pregnant. I can’t remember my reaction but it must felt really strange when my mom told me and my brother that we had to go to Colombia because our sister were waiting for us there. But the point is that I’m fascinated by the pregnancies and how a little baby is growing inside the belly. Yesterday my grandmother told us that my cousin is pregnant with her second child, so fun and I like to be a babysitter to her son.


It feels like everyone had been in Colombia.

A year ago I almost cried because I missed my mom, I still do but in another kind of way. I want to go to Colombia because I want to see the environment, the neighborhood and my family. If you’re living in Colombia, plz send me some photos.