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Different kind of love

It starts when you’re about nine, well Diego I hope this didn’t happened to you yet. You’re thinking about one person. You maybe just saw this person very fast but you can’t stop thinking.
Then you saw the person again, maybe slow this time. You saw how nice hair, the eyes and maybe the sound of the person’s voice is beautiful.

After a week or three or two months, you had consider that you are in love.

Maybe the person is in love with you too or maybe not. The human being is naturally afraid of have a heartache, that’s why we are so scared of saying that. But what if you took the risk but still don’t know how to do because you are so afraid of do something awkward in front of that person?

Well this was a long letter, mom I don’t know if you are good at this but you are better than me. And I hope everybody will fall in love with Diego so he don’t have to feel like I do.


When I’m sad or when I’m happy I do always think about you. I guess I will meet you in two or three years but I don’t want to wait that long. I want to be there when my brother is born. Maybe is this bigger than I think. I love you!!