I’m back

I worked so much. And I did also cut my hair so now I have really short hair.



I’m full of hope again

Hi! I’m sorry I haven’t felt for writing. I worked on Friday, I was with mom and dad at the shopping centre on Saturday, I was watching Tv the whole day on Sunday and today I was working.

So as I sad I haven’t felt for writing. But I got some good news from my mom and dad, but I can’t tell anyone until we have planned everything. But I can share a pic of Cris!


I’ll miss you I’ll miss that relationship we should have

Dear mom!
Everyday I wonder “how would my life be if I didn’t came to Sweden”. I am always thinking positive, that this was good for me. But I am always thinking how my relationship would be between you and my brothers. Maybe I was the girl who always was protected by my brother. Maybe you had to yell at me because I wasn’t listening. Well…I don’t know but I want that relationship, I want Jhon to be more like my brother who is saying to me that I’m an idiot who is in love with that guy…

More colombian

I’m reading a book about Ingrid Betancourt, she was kidnapped by the FARC for six years. FARC is a terrorist group which was active before president Uribe became president. They fought and killed many civil warriors.

When I’m reading this book it feels like I’m more Colombian, I don’t know why it just feels like that.

It is hard for me to hate people but I hate exactly everyone in FARC.


My assignment about Colombia


Maybe some of you’ll think of drugs and coffee when you hear about Colombia. It isn’t just only that Colombia is known for.

I choose to talk about this country because I was born in Colombia and I know a few things about Colombia.

In the 90’s, Colombia was ranked to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world. The reason was that there was an active terrorist group, called FARC, they wanted to introduce cocaine possession. As a threat, and to finance their business, they kidnapped a lot of people who were politicians or tourists and even ordinary wealthy people. Ingrid Betancourt is a politician that was kidnapped for more than six years and has written a book about her time as hostage. There are also many drug dealers there from other countries.

Today it is safer in Colombia. The last president, Alvaro Uribe, was president for eight years and he managed to make Colombia a more safe country and his successor Manuel Santos has continued in the same way.

Colombia is a country with a lot of recourses as coffee, gold and emeralds. They are also one of the largest exporting countries of flowers and fruits.

In Colombia there are also many kinds of festivals, for example there is a festival of flowers. They also like dancing in Colombia, for example salsa and reggaeton.

In Colombia there are many different kind of people, like white, black and native Americans.    

The Europeans came to live in Colombia while the native Americans already lived there. Then the Europeans brought slaves from Africa to Colombia. After hundred years the races were mixed. But now people look more like native Americans, Africans or Europeans.

The music and the culture have influences from the Middle East, Europe and the original population. The old music style, the classical music of Colombia is called “Cumbia”.  The Cumbia music is a mix between three cultures. The African slaves, the Spanish people and the native Americans.  The Cumbia music is in all the latino dances.

There are many famous people from Colombia, some of them are Shakira, Juanes, Radamel Falcao and Catherine Ibargüen.


Shakira and Juanes are two famous singers. Shakira was born in Baranquilla, she is known worldwide. She worked with for instance Beyonce, Pitbull and Wyclef Jean.

Juanes is a very famous latinosinger. He won many latino Grammies and he has realized seven albums.


Radamel Falcao is a very good soccerplayer. He has played in the national team of Colombia and made many goals.


Catherine Ibargüen is a professional athlete. In the Olympic games in London 2012 she won a silver medal in trippel jump.


This is just a few of many great things about Colombia. I like this country very much and I hope I’ll visit this country very soon.