My life is kind of bad, is the life ever good? I guess not.
Sometimes it feels like my biological mom and me might be really similar. She is having a lot to do since she has three kids to take care of (Jhon is actually an adult) and I wish that I was with her.
Well I’m stuck in my not-so-good teenagelife.

In Italy

Right now I’m in Italy, my family is celebrating my mom (Katarina) birthday. But there are a tiny little issue in my mind, I can’t say it but I do always think about it. Kisses I promise to write soon again!


My life is perfect

Except everything I have to do in school I love my life. I’m happy that I came to Sweden to my family, it was my only family until I was sixteen. And of course I feel sad when I know they are far away, but I know that I will have time to go there soon!