Better in Spanish?

Wow I’m so angry. My Englishteacher gave me an E only. I mean why?! It feels like I’m being better and better in Spanish but still the same in Swedish and English.


Busy weekend

This Saturday and Sunday I’ll work at my dads job… With my brother. They are just saying that I’m working without asking so I have no choice but I’ll get some cash.

I’m thinking of doing a thing but I don’t know if I’m brave enough.

Me alegre

Ahora estoy feliz! Porque…:
– he hablado con una amiga de mi mamá !
– he chateado con mi hermano Fabian
– he chateado con mi mamá
– sólo tres semanas de el final de la escuela

Feels like I’m about to get lost

Hello! Well I don’t know what to feel. It felt so long since I talked with mom and I miss her. I miss a friend too who isn’t living here. And I miss the way me and my sister used to be to each other, but since I talked to my mother (here in Sweden) I decided to stand on my own legs and think more about me, I can’t focus on my sister all my life even though it feels like I have to protect her.


I was dreaming a lot last morning. I couldn’t sleep in the night so I slept to the lunchtime. But I was dreaming a wonderful dream but the weird part is that the guy I was dreaming about did I met last summer…
Dreams comes with signs so I think that that guy isn’t the reason why the dream was so wonderful. I think it was that he was so nice to me… Aight goodnight!