A dream

I was dreaming about Colombia, and this time we actually were on our way to meet my siblings, but in the dream I actually felt a little bit nervous and I guess that I’m going to feel very nervous when it’s time and it is going to be very emotional for everybody!


Memories and drama

Wow I slept until lunchtime, I don’t know why but maybe because I have so much in my mind, It doesn’t happen much in my life, but I still think of many things. I can’t blame the fact that I’m adopted, but I can blame that I will destroy my life if I say it.

On Tuesday it’s time for me to go to Spain and I have to figure out if I’m going to have wi-fi… Well chao!

Be spontanius surprise yourself

It started more than a year ago, I wasn’t happy with my grades in english, and I wanted to meet other people than those who are living here. So that’s why I wanted to go to Great brittain, and it changed my life. In the second day it felt like I been there in a whole week. Everybody was so kind and I found somebody  I liked and he had wonderful brown eyes. When I was going home I was so sad because I knew that the world isn’t like it is in this city.

That’s why I’m going to Spain. I want to meet new people. And next year I think I want to move away from here, afterI took my graduation, maybe just somwhere else in Sweden or to another country but just away from here I need that.