Dear Edwin

My brother my reason for hoping. Even though I know I’m going to meet you soon, I still miss you a lot. My summer have been interesting and funny, I got some new good friends and a friend came to visit me…
I’m working and I’m going to do that in three weeks, it’s a bit hard to wake up so early but..I guess I’m just spoiled.

Te quiero mi hermano y aunque tú no estas conmigo, siempre estas en mi corazón y estoy pensando de ti todo el tiempo!



I’m so excited!!!! In about three months I’m going to meet the family in the real life not just talk with them through Facebook, in three months I’m going to hug my mom and my brothers!


Life is unfair

Did you heard about the train crash in Madrid, Spain? Well it feels so horrible to know that many people lost their lives. I think it’s unfair when this happends… You should die when your old enough like 102 years not because of murder, cancer or this crash. These people have families who will ask them selves why this happened to them, some of the people who died maybe had a great life or right that day, the life turned out to be great and know there is no life…

Rest in peace!



I don’t know why but this guy is so awesome, it’s like he’s so mature! I had a few problems and I told him about it and he gave me advices so I hope my life will be okey.

I can’t wait to see my beautiful family in Colombia!