We can’t be just normal

I had psychology class today, and my teacher said that if we’re hiding emotions or thoughts, we can get tired and sad over tiny things. Well then I thought of all adoptees, everybody had thought of who they are and where they come from. And if we don’t talk with anybody of it we can get frustrated or just miserable. I had lucky because I have a mom and dad who supports me and a brother and sister to talk with.

But you as a parent to an adoptee have to be honest to your child about where he/she comes from because he/she will never forget, even though he/she is looking just like everybody else.




Dear Edwin or Jhon or Jhon Edwin!

Since I didn’t talk with you for a long time I miss you a lot, my brother Alexander had moved out and he is now living 30 minutes away, it isn’t as far as Colombia but I am missing him very much, it is just so different now, just girls here and dad, well I’ll get used to it. Miss you !

When you’re ready

The most important when you’re searching for your birth family is that you have to feel if you’re ready, it is a huge step and many emotions involved, it feels very surreal in the beginning and then you start to think and maybe you’re going to think about your identity. But when you feel like you don’t wanna wait anymore, it’s time for you to search.