I had a dream this night… It was a nightmare and I was really scared when I woke up and now I am scared because I’m afraid to dream a nightmare again.

I think I am bothered of something but I don’t know what. I starting to think of everything that I doubt on this month.

I need some kind of psychologist to explaining what’s happening in my brain.



I like when people are standing up for themselves. Instead of people who are going with the flow and just doing everything all the others are doing.  I like when people just stand up for their opinions even though you don’t agree it is better than just say that you have the same opinion even though you’re not. 

So I started to like this girl Becky G, because she’s not having  this ordinary songs. She’s rapping to! She didn’t just grew up in hollywood or won american idol. She’s just don’t givving up with her own career and of course she’s latina !!!!!


I’m really motivated to just do my best in school these three weeks. Because I don’t want that moment that I used to have before which was to rush one day to the deadline. And if I do my best until the graduation I will be so happy with myself. It’s like running a kilometer for the first time…or not… Well xoxo