What Am I going to do

Hi yesterday I recognized why I named this blog “dearedwin”. I dreamed about my brother even though I didn’t know who he was when I was little. I even though dreamed about that I belonged to a Colombian family and he was the one who protected me.

I knew that I had a great family in Sweden but I did so badly wanted to meet him.

And know I met him and he is all that I dreamt of and that’s why I’m so sad because now I know what I’m going to leave here in Bogota.




Gracias dios para conocer mi familia biológica pues ahora tengo más preguntas de antes y ahora solo quiero estar aquí!
Quiero qué tener un bien relación con mis hermanos biológicos y mi mama.

Quiero qué estar con ellos porque solamente he echado de menos ellos.

La vida es duro y siempre va a ser duro.

I’ve missed you in seventeen years and I don’t want to miss you anymore. Can anyone just understand that. I’m soon eighteen years old and I know what I want.

Everything happened so quickly

Right now I’m thinking about everything that happened yesterday. It makes me cry because I was so happy then. And I talked a lot with my brother Jhon, he means a lot to me because we have the same parents. I hugged him and he just said few things which I didn’t understand but I was happy and I needed that hug!


This day was a bit emotional for me. We met the family at the hotel, then we went to a park with flowers. We ate lunch there and after we decided to go to their house. I sat in the taxi with Jhon, Diego and the woman helped to translate. We came to the house first and there stood my grandfather and I thought “aa he maybe doesn’t know me and is laid back” but no he hugged and that did my grandmother too. I met my aunts and three cousins. I was so happy when I came that I almost started to cry. I love them all so much and I wish I could stay with them forever…

Jhon is my brother and we are so equal… Damn I start to cry now