Give me some answers

Sorry for my doubts, well I’m going to think very much about my future from now on and that’s hard. But my life as an adult will start in six month.


People say you will have a better life now, I doubt that.

I don’t know why I’m hurting myself with the thought of everything in Colombia. I doubt everything in my life. Who can I trust? What can I do about my sadness? Is this fair? What happens when I finish school, how will my future look like? Will I be one of those who doesn’t have a certain home, only feel like you belong to the country you were born in? Am I egoistic, should I be thankful?

What am I going to write now….


Two days ago I thought of something that I could write about BUT now I lost it, so what am I going to write about now….

I saw a horrible thing at the news. There were some children who was interviewed in Syria. They talked about that they were used with the bombs, they said that they already had seen dead people who were killed by the attacks. Shortly after the interview began, there were a missile-attack. They did survive which is great but it is so horrible to see children who are living a life full of war and dead bodies.