My dream

I dreamt about Jhon again. He was there with me, everything felt so real and then he just disappeared in my dream and I just stood there alone.

It’s like how it was in real when I met him. I finally met him and I felt his love, I really felt like he was my brother. And then suddenly I had to say goodbye to him at the airport.
It feels like I was missing him for a lifetime and then met him for a moment and now I’m missing him again… It sucks…

Oh dear

I don’t know why I’m dreaming so weird dreams… About people.

I can’t believe it’s only a few days left of this year, so many things had happened, and many more things are going to happen next year.

Can’t sleep

Oh I can’t sleep and my dog took a big part of my bed so now I can’t sleep on the cozy side. But I allow my dog to do that because she don’t feel good. Still tired though…


My friend in Colombia got a new phone so now we are sending photos to each other and sending voice messages to each other. I feel so happy for that!

20131225-020025 em.jpg

20131225-020043 em.jpg

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Yesterday I was celebrating with my mother, dad, brother, sister, grandmother and grandfather. It felt great to be together. We ate good food and today my grannies are here to have good time with my family!
Merry Christmas everybody!

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