Omg…last time I heard this song was before I found my biological family, I used to listen to the songs by Shakira because she was my connection to Colombia. I didn’t new so many singers from Colombia. Sometimes I was listening to these calm songs by her before I went to bed. I was crying before I was wondering who my biological mother was…


Nelson Mandela didn’t gave up

I saw this new movie about Nelson Mandela, I cried a lot because he’d been suffering so much. His mom and son died when he was in prison, his daughters grew up without him and the white people wasn’t nice to him. He didn’t gave up and that’s why he is a hero who know is in heaven.
God bless him and may him rest in peace ❤

How I started to listen to latino-music

This girl who worked at the pharmacy suddenly told me “hey you look like Jennifer Lopez”, I thought “whaat do I”. But then I started to think about it and found out that she was a latina, so I started to listen to her music and I thought “damn I want to be like her”. Since then I started to listen to more latino-music because I feel more latina (I don’t want to be more swedish than speaking the language).

My role model

My first job…okey I didn’t earn money but I helped my grandmother and she worked at the pharmacy. There were a young well. I guess she was twenty or something and I was eleven.  I liked her very much because she was so kind to me and was speaking very much to me. She was like a older sister to me and I’ve never had a older sister. She was studied to a doctor I think. 

“Came to Sweden from Afghanistan…”


Her family came to Sweden from Afghanistan when she was younger. Her dad was some kind of doctor there and now he was working at the pharmacy as well. The mother left the family so this girl had to to take care of the brothers and the father had to support the family.

My grandmother told me this and I’m kind of impressed how this girl had the motivation to reach her goal. And I do also feel sorry for her father who had to support the family and take care of everybody.


Finally friday

Omg I dreamt three dreams this night: My sister got engaged ( she’s 14 so it’s a bit weird), I had to hide from someone and I had so much blood over my hand and it didn’t stop bleeding..

So finally it’s friday and I can relax and I can have PMS alone hahah, I really can’t understand myself sometimes. Suddenly I was very mad at my sister and then I was happy again, it must be these latina-things.