Frustration and emptiness

I’m eighteen years old and came from Colombia to Sweden when I was about four months. I am happy for the decision my biological mom took to give me away, because she did it for me. My childhood was pretty good because I have two adoptive siblings who are from Colombia too and can share this experience. But I’ve been thinking very much about where I am coming from and kind of missed my family in Colombia. 2012 was the year I found my biological mom and I’ also visited my family in Colombia. I don’t see myself like Swedish anymore, I see myself like a Colombian and I start to question this about adoption, I’m frustrated because as an adoptee you can’t choose, you’re growing up in Sweden even though you don’t want it.

This is a text I wrote as a comment on Facebook, it’s true. I start to doubt why everybody is thinking that I should live in Sweden my whole life. What if I don’t want that? What if I want to live in the country I belong to.


Te extraño

Los hijos de mi prima estaban aquí y ellos son muy lindos. Pero cuando yo estaba con ellos fui un poco triste. Estoy pensando a mi hermano Cristian y quiero estar con mi familia en Colombia. Me duele el corazón porque los extraño mucho…

Jon Henrik

For those of you who don’t understand swedish. This is a man who sang in “Sweden got talent”. In this video he is telling us that he is living in the north part of Sweden. He takes care of reindeers and belongs to the ethnic group Sami. He was adopted from Colombia when he was three months old. When he was young he was bullied maybe because he didn’t look like the other people or because he belonged to that ethnic group, he don’t know he says. And he didn’t have a easy life. This song is for his best friend who died last year.

Para aquellos de ustedes que no entienden sueco, este es un video de un hombre que canta en “Suecia tiene talento.” Este hombre dice que vive en el norte parte de Suecia.Él se encarga de los renos.Pertenece a la etnia Sami. Él fue adoptado de Colombia cuando tenía tres meses. Cuando él era un niño él fue intimidado tal vez porque no era como los otros O porque él pertenecía a la etnia grupo, él no sabe. La vida de él no ha estado fácil. Esta canción es para su mejor amigo que murió el año pasado.


Maybe you have seen that I’ve started to write in Spanish? Well that’s because a friend to me (the woman who helped me to write to my biological mom) she told me that she like to read my blog in English but she would love it if I wrote in Spanish. So of course I will write in Spanish, it’s good for me to practice. But I will continue to write in English .

Found a photo on my dad’s phone

20140226-105550 em.jpg
I don’t know why he wanted to go to this supermarket in Colombia. And I remember that I was upset because we were on the last day and I missed everybody so much. My feelings had ups and downs. Some days I were really happy and some days I was angry and didn’t want to talk or anything. I’m just saying this, when you’re meeting your biological family it’s a lot of feelings involved. I didn’t want to leave my family at all and I knew that I only had some days left. It was like a bomb ready to explode. At the airport the bomb exploded and I was crying from Colombia to Sweden. When we waited for our flight from Frankfurt to Sweden, we sat in a restaurant. It was my birthday but all I could think of was when I said goodbye to my brother. When we came to Copenhagen (the nearest international airport to my home) I saw my adoptive mom and hugged her really tight. And I cried. When I finally came home I stopped cry but I continued to cry at the evening.

Escribir en español

Cuando encontré mi mama , yo podía escribir en español pero muy mal y ahora estoy escribiendo más bien que antes.

Mi amiga quiere que voy a escribir en español más, todavía pienso que la gramática es muy difícil y por eso no se qué voy a escribir…

Puedo practicar aquí jajaja

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