My mom sent me this pic

20140204-104127 em.jpg

I almost started to cry..

Mami te quiero mucho y siempre estoy pensando en ti y estoy pensando en la primera día que nos hemos conocido.


I want to come home

Maybe you think I am negative and pathetic when I’ll say this…but it’s exactly how I feel.. .

Even though I am living a normal teenage-life and both bad and good things are happening to me. I can’t focus on that… because I want to go back to Colombia as fast as possible and I don’t care so much if I can’t get that guy I like or that everyone is partying every week expect me. Sure I’m drinking and having fun, I have to do that. I have to keep my life going, if I’m not doing that I would be so depressed right now. And yeah I like a guy and would be happy if we were together, but I would still miss Colombia which is my second home. That’s why I’m so mad right now,..

I keep thinking that I’ll be there soon, and I keep writing to my brother that I’ll be there soon. But I know that it is long time until I’ll see my biological family again… 

Jhon Jhon JHON

Como siempre deseo que estaba conmigo. Yo sé que me extrañas mucho y si te extraño mucho también.
Pero nos tenemos que pensar muy positiva, pronto voy a estar contigo, cuando he terminado la escuela y cuando he trabajado. Cada día estoy pensando a el día que nos reunimos y he soñado contigo. Te quiero mucho!