Rest in peace

Even though this post isn’t about me or adoption I wanna write this.

Yesterday a father to four children died, he was attacked by violent men when he was going to watch a soccer-game. This is horrible and to be honest I am now scared to go out or even go to a soccer-game. People are crazy, people buy drugs and drink alcohol then they are fighting about which soccer team is the best. It’s so sad and horrible.

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Before I went to Colombia and before I found my family I was happy with the thought of that I was born in another country. I felt very Swedish but I also felt that I didn’t fit in, in school. I had dark hair and talked as good Swedish as them with blond hair. I also remember when I was at a friends house and she showed me photos of her when she was born at the hospital. I thought it was very cool but I was jealous. I wanted these photos of me.

I never showed anybody but my family the video when my brother and parents adopted me, I thought it was too personal and I wanted to keep what I knew about Colombia for myself.

When I think about it I only had friends from Sweden when I was younger, the only friend with another kind of nationality it was a girl with a father from Australia. She talked very good English and I also wanted to speak another language.

When I was twelve everything changed. A girl began in our class. She was from Serbia and couldn’t speak good Swedish. My teacher who was the best teacher ever told me that it was my mission to show this girl the school. We was best friends. Years later I knew how other people from other countries was and I knew that you don’t have to be blond to be Swedish.

However when I found my family I started to feel more Colombian, I felt that because I knew that Colombian people are looking exactly like me. And when I came to Bogota I felt like I was finally home. If anyone will ask me what my nationality is I will say that I am a Colombian girl which had lived in Sweden for a very long time.

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A soccergame

I told my dad this Wednesday that I wanted to see the first soccer-game of the season. Dad ordered tickets and it all turned out so good.

We sat and saw the game when suddenly a man ran to the field, the police were after him and they took him. I thought “well great, the game can continue” but suddenly 30 men tried to get on the field and someone yelled “murderer”. I was scared, I knew this was dangerous, so I told my dad that we can go now. Two men started to argue near the entrance, I was short and could go through but I was afraid that my dad couldn’t. He came after me and I thought that the best is if we get out of here. I was scared all the time that someone would hurt my dad. We were biking home and I wanted to go home as fast as I could because people started to fight. There were a lots of police cars.
When we came home I heard that a man died before the game. I was angry because people ruined the game and very chocked.
Rest in peace this man who was a dad and just wanted to see the game. And please stop fight.

Buenos dias todos

Aqui en el sur de Suecia finalmente esta primavera !!!!

Me alegre mucho, finalmente no necesito a llevar muchas ropas. Creo que siento más feliz en la primavera y en el verano. Hoy voy a ir a el gimnasio porque siento mejor cuando he estado en el gimnasio. Manana voy a ir a Dinamarca con mi familia para celebrear mi abuela que va a cumplir 75años.

Un fuerte abrazo para todos ❤

The spring is here

I am happy or finally happy, this day has been a hell I felt so ill. My bio-mom told me that someone robbed both of my brothers and took their phones and they took Jhons keys and jacket. I’m angry! it isn’t fair, if I could and was stronger and they couldn’t hurt me I would take everything back. Poor people shouldn’t rob poor people, poor people should rob rich people you know like Robin Hood. 

I know I can’t do anything because I’m here in Sweden and I know that if I’ll buy them new things, someone will stole their things again. It’s bad and unfair…

The horrible truth

I talked with the girlfriend of my brother, she told me that she was a bit sad because a near friend of her recently died. That made me thought of why I’m living here, The mother of a cousin died for two years ago, my biological mom was too sad to be in the church at the funeral. After that I’ve seen a movie about a rapper who lived in the hood in Puerto Rico. Well there my family lives isn’t that dangerous but there can still be robbers. Here I get scared if there been a murder or just a fight, my adoptive mom use to say that if your not involved with a gang here, nothing will happen to you.