How colombian am I?

Well, I use to listen to a podcast there a guy adopted from Colombia is interviewing people adopted from different countries.  And he use to do a little test with them, named “how (for example Colombian) are you. And now I am going to tell you what’s colombian about me.

Except my tanned skin and dark hair I have temperament. I can be very angry about a small thing ( like when Sweden lost against Portugal). And I can be very sad sometimes. I’m not that social like many colombians hahah. I do drink coffee but actually I like colombian coffee more than Swedish. I can be very passionate about things, and when I fall in love I’ll be so in love like I can’t think of something else. And I guess that I can be romantic. 

I like music like Cumbia, reggeaton, Salsa etc… And I love to dance… mostly Zumba. I really want to learn how to dance Salsa!!!


Ebba is going to very honest

I hate the word adoption and I don’t like to talk about adoption with people who don’t are adoptees (except my parents). I can be angry when I read something about adoption and  a normal swedish journalist wrote it. I found a magazine about adoption but I just couldn’t read everything.

I think that I want to hide that side of me. I don’t see myself as an adoptee, I see myself as a girl who is from Colombia but live in Sweden and can both languages. And the unique part is that I have two families. 


mothers DO care that’s WHY you’re adopted

 If internet wouldn’t exist I still would have searched for my family. People say that it is important to have a cedula number (I can’t translate that). I have that but I didn’t have to use it. I believe that now days, people in the same age as me or younger will find their birth moms easier. IF they have the name of the birthmother. Sadly there are people who have been given for adoption illegal and that’s horrible. Both for the birthmother and for the child. I also heard that there are brainwashing at the nursery home. It sounds worse than it is but it’s an explanation to why they give away their babies that easy. There are psychologists involved that strengthens their choice whether to adopt away their children. And I think that no adoptee should be angry or sad at their mother because they are always thinking about the best for the baby.During certain times become children adopted away because the mother is mentally unstable or alcohol addiction. The only time it’s right to be angry at the mother is when she didn’t care about the baby and when the baby is taken care of by the Social Board.

I’m nervous

Right now I’m worried about many things:
– My grades because soon it’s my graduation
– The prom because I have a mystic prom date.
– Colombia
– The future. Right now I’m worried about how my future family is gonna be, what education I’m gonna have and my future job.

Puedes ayudar esta mujer

Puedes ayudar esta mujer


Yeny Morales is looking for her daughter:

I’m a mother who is searching for my daughter who can be everywhere in the world.  After my pregnancy I heard by Los Pisingos that she was in the netherlands but I’m not sure that is true. I think they said that to me because I shouldn’t ask more.

My daughter was born in Bogota Colombia May 30 the year 2000, the time was 8:05 in the morning. In the civil registration It says that her name is Alicia Morales. I have just one photo of her.

Strangest thing happened

I was walking with my two dogs today, it was very worm weather and I was dry in my mouth like I haven’t drank water for a long time. Suddenly my heart was beating very fast and I felt so tired, it felt like I couldn’t stand up. I just kept walking because I didn’t want to end up lying in the wood with two dogs. Then I came home and was really tired, I just sat inside. It feels like something is wrong? Is it because of my asthma and the fact that I forgot to take the medication this morning? I’m a bit scared…