When you don’t feel good

Why…why am I getting a cold right now ?!

Well, tomorrow it’s prom and I’m nervous. I hope I will feel better. I promise you, I will write more when all this with school is over.


Hay sol y hace calor…

Buenos días!

Desperté con un dolor fuerte en mi garganta, sola faltan tres días para el baile en la escuela y no se que voy a hacer. Y comia mucho comida para almuerzo y ahora siento mal jajaja. Deseo que estaré más bien muy pronto!!

so so angry

Yesterday everybody was able to vote for the european parlament, 48% of the swedish citizens voted and some of them…well many of them voted for SD (the swedish democrats) which is a party who are xenophobic. Honestly I feel a bit scared when I know that out there on the streets where I am, there are people who think that people from other countries should return to their countries. Not only the people who come from their homecountries when they are adults, it’s adoptees, people who have grandparents from other countries…

Honestly this is so sick, and if they are getting many votes to have a place in the government… I will move from this country. Some people don’t see that there are not people from sweden who make this country better.

I’m angry and very disapointed…

That hapiness

A very complicated but my sister has her biological family closer now. Even though it almost been a week, they been talking and sending photos. Before thoughts like “now I am all by myself” and “she’s gonna forgot about me”. Then I remembered that she felt that too and now we actually understand each other more.

Even though I have brothers in Colombia, I still have this bound to my sister and brother, now I understand that people who don’t are blood-related can be a family as well. And that’s so beautiful.


Even though I’m not perfectly good in Spanish I do help a woman with the translation. And now I help my sister too. It’s good for me because I guess I need to practice my Spanish everyday until I’m going to Colombia and I love to help people.

Emotional week

Sorry for not writing, something very emotional happened this sunday. I can’t tell you because it’s not about me, it’s about my little sister. Since it’s the last week before they are giving us the grades, I have a few things to finish. But I also have days when I don’t have to go to school which is great. I can’t wait to the summer. To be honest, I don’t care about the graduation and the parties… I just don’t want to see my school again. I’m so tired of it. And I’m so tired of the teachers. Ok now it sounds like I have really bad grades but I have not. I have no Idea of what I want to do anymore… I want to be with my families at the same time which is difficult, so who knows…maybe I can live in Colombia for a while.   

Buenos dias

Ayer fui a un carnaval, fue un poco divertido pero no mucho, por eso fui con mi amiga a su casa para ver peliculas. Estaba muuuuy cansada. Vimos una pelicula que se trata de un chico en Mexico y el chico murió 😦 Pues en unos minutos o mañana voy a hacer una pelicula de mi primero viaje a Colombia. Suenas bien ?