Oh my god

Only 10 days until I’m leaving and I’m very excited. It happened a few things in my life which made me a bit sad about going but it felt much better when I talked with my brother and he told me that he’s going to hug me very much when I’m coming. And I guess I will give my mom Betty a huge hug or not….but A THOUSANDS OF HUGE HUGS!!!!!


20140722-071318 em-69198110.jpg

I’m so happy, soon I will be with my mom and all my brothers!!!

Hi princess, how are you? Today I had much work but when I thought that you’ll soon be here I was very happy!

Why am I so embarrassing

Lol I just can’t be normal to a guy and I’m starting to get mad at myself. It is nothing new but when a guy deletes you from Facebook and when you know you did something wrong but can’t remember what, you’re having huge problems.

So happy

I talked with my brothers girlfriend on Facebook and she told me that Fabian is very excited to meet me. I’m so happy, there are no words for the hapiness, and I guess I’m relieved because there been many days when I felt miserable because I missed them so much, I guess I’m going to be that sad again when I’m coming home but I will get to know my family members more and that make me secure, and I’ll know that they will be there until I come next time.

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The true love

Today I saw a old couple, they were so cute so I took a photo of them. The truth is that I think everybody want that true love to grow old with. I guess I’m going to find the truth love when I least expect it.

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