Do you want to learn Spanish

Download the app “duolingo”( for Apple and maybe android) you can practice from English to Spanish and more languages of course. There are small tests about vocabulary and gramatic, and you have the chance to practice everyday.

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Lost thoughts

It’s a very rainy Sunday and I’m happy that I not partied yesterday.

I thought of a thing… I don’t know anything about my biological father and I he looked like me I think, because I know that I don’t have my mothers nose or shape of the face. Someday I will search for the family he had. I know that he left my mom and brother, but I guess I’m still curious about who he was.

Summer happenings

I’ve been busy as usual. The truth is that I worked and then came home and relaxed and slept. I was t a latinofestival which was funny because I’ve never seen so many southamericans in Sweden before but my life had more drama after the festival.
Yesterday it was exactly four weeks left to my stay in Colombia!!!!!!!

Life has ups and downs, if not you’re dead

I am sorry it has been much these weeks, don’t you ever look down on real famous bloggers for their job, it’s very hard to write everyday when you have a life.

My older adoptive brother found his family too and I’m so happy for him. And I started to work everyday so I don’t have so much energy left. Two weeks in a row, I partied and that’s why I don’t even write in weekends. But I guess I have to live more healthy to feel good. There are not many days left to the vacation in Colombia and I’m starting to get excited but nervous.