I’m a little girl who needs her brother

Wow it was long time ago since I wrote here. Well I was in Colombia with my family and they had bad internet so I only wrote to my parents and some friends through internet.
I’ve been through a lot, I guess I am stronger now, I don’t wanna cry because I miss them I wanna be happy because I have the opportunity to visit them again. I really love my cousin there, she was the one I spent most time with when my brothers was in school and my oldest at work. She’s the cutest five-year old. My brother Jhon cried at the airport, he didn’t want me to leave him and I didn’t want to leave him but he knew that I will have a brighter future here and I know that I will come back… I love him so much, it was so hard to say goodbye, my mom was more understanding or I guess she knew that she had to because she did this chose.


I’m nervous to fly by my own, I’m not that nervous about meeting my family because I’ve been there before and met almost the whole family.
Can someone give me some advice for the flight??