It’s a small country

Wow… I feel so bored, tomorrow I WILL go to the gym because I have eaten too much chocolate. Today I thought I should eat a banana just to be healthy, but then I felt sick and got a headache, but it was a long time ago since I got  a headache, when I’m very tired I just feel sick without any headache.  Enough about my headache, I feel so bored in this city, I am actually thinking about moving to another city when I’ll study but I guess my mom want to keep me closer.

The reason is that here is a few kinds of people, the typical swedish brat who is wearing expensive clothes the girls look so alike each other and the guys, well I can’t say anything bad about them because there are some hot guys with that style but they do also have expensive clothes, then there are the people from other countries the girls…okey that’s not a style because they are looking so different. But there are not many latinos here and that’s bad….

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