Good to know about adoptees

Since I saw a video from a swedish tv-show which was very racist. I decided to write a few things about us adoptees that you have to know if you don’t want to hurt us …

The definition of adopted is that we came to a family in Sweden (or another country) we grew up like we were swedish, with the language, culture …

To be adopted isn’t always “a wonderful journey”, it is horrible to first have no idea about who you are and exactly where you come from, then you’re afraid of the worst, afraid that your biological family is dead, don’t want you anymore or something that. If you’re that lucky to find your biological family, you’re missing them everyday, hating why you were adopted and not the whole family, afraid to lose them again.

Don’t ask questions like “which family do you like the most?” that is just stupid

Don’t ask “Do you feel colombian?” I think every adoptee us confused about their identity before and maybe after as well they had found their biological family.

And we are humans like you, we do also have feelings. We’re not something you just can get when you need a child, to be adopted can affect some of us very much. Don’t adopt if you’re feeling to do something for the world do it because you’re going to love us like your child, treat us like we have the same DNA…


They say drama comes with a crash

This Monday I finally had my test, and to be honest… I don’t care anymore if I passed or not but it felt alright. It feels like everything is happening at one time, both here and in Colombia. Both good things and bad things. I just want to pause the life and think about what’s happening. Sorry I can’t tell you what’s happening because it’s kind of personal.

Let this pictures explain my thoughts

Because it is exam time, I will not be social here this weekend, the next post will I write on Monday.

Oh… Never write something romantic in your notebook because you’ll never know when your teacher says he’s going to take the papers. I had to draw something over that.

I had very hard to sleep this night but now I hope I will sleep better. I need that.

Last Sunday it were my brother birthday and soon it will be mine

Una familia normal…NOOO

Una familia sueca normal es como así: Un padre, una madre y dos hijos. Pero eso no es cierto para mi.


Primero mis padres adoptivos tienen tres hijos y dos perros y luego es como así:


Lo verde es porque mi mamá adoptiva tiene comunicación con todas familias más o menos. Pues mi padre adoptivo no mucho porque él no tiene facebook. Desde conocí a la familia biologica de mi hermana, he hablado un poco con ellos. Y aveces ayudo mi hermana con la comunicación. Y creo que yo y mis hermanos tenemos suerte, porque todos tienen contacto con las familias biológicas.  Aunque mis hermanos piensan que es duro a comunicar con ellos familias saben quienes son y es lo importante. A veces hablo con mi mamá adoptiva de mi familia en Colombia, de mis hermanos y que pasa en la familia. Las familias de mi y mis hermanos son muy diferente pero todos son interesante y a veces también hablo con mi hermana de la familia.

A normal family eh no

A typical swedish family is a family with a mom and dad and two kids and a volvo car. Well that’s not like my family at all.


First of all. My mom and dad have three children and two dogs. Then does it look like this:


The green line means that my adoptive mom has contact with each family, my dad not that much because he doesn’t has facebook. My adoptive mom use to talk with every parent from each family more or less and since I was in Colombia and met my sisters biological family I talk with them sometimes, and I help my sister with the communication sometimes. And I guess we are very lucky, I wouldn’t change this life at all. And sometimes when I talk with mom I tell her how my family in colombia are and talk about the brothers and I talk with my sister as well about her family and my family… Everybody are interesting people in their own way. And our biological families are very different from each other.

The luck and the mood can switch from a day to another

I guess on monday I was a bit upset and angry with myself, but then I fixed it and now I’m as positive and happy as I use to be. I think that if you think positive even if it isn’t very positive it will be positive and you will make it. Like if you’re doing your homework and you say “aah this is hard, I’m never gonna make it” DON’T instead think “I will make it, I will show them that I am good at this”.

But I have to admit that I’m kind of nervous about the exam I had three or four weeks ago, I know a big part of the class failed so I don’t want to see the results. When I said that to mom, she laughed at me and said that I’m like an ostrich who is putting the head in the sand when there are something scary. And yes I use to avoid tough things and that’s something I don’t like about myself.

Cuando estaba enamorado

Cuando estaba tenia muchos sentimientos para una persona. Hace mucho tiempo desde estaba enamorado, y no estaba enamorado en una manera positiva pero extraño los sentimientos, porque podia escribir muchos textos y escuchar música que me hacía emocionante. Pero ahora cuando estoy escuchando lo mismo música siento nada solo que es bien música. Y si quiero llorar debo que pensar en mi familia en Colombia ( A veces es bien a llorar para estar feliz). Sí…quiero enamorarme pero ahora quiero estar enamorado de el hombre que tambien esta enamorado de mi.