This weekend

This weekend wasn’t what I expected, I thought it was another saturday night in front of the tv because I thought I needed to enjoy the saturday when I didn’t felt ill. But no… I went to a party and the rest is history…

Yesterday when I was about to sleep, my cousin called me through line (it’s like whatsapp but you can call eachother instead) and I talked with her even though the internet connection was bad. And that made me emotional, so I cried because I missed them all and suddenly it was too late. So when I woke up I was tired and didn’t felt like go by train to the spanish class, but I bought a cop of coffee with very much sugar so I at least could keep my eyes open during the lesson, the awkward part was that I had no idea we had homework because I was ill last week so I just sat there and said in spanish that I wasn’t able to do the homework which sounded like a lame excuse. 

Now I need to read a book, sleep and more important things

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