Good to know about adoptees

Since I saw a video from a swedish tv-show which was very racist. I decided to write a few things about us adoptees that you have to know if you don’t want to hurt us …

The definition of adopted is that we came to a family in Sweden (or another country) we grew up like we were swedish, with the language, culture …

To be adopted isn’t always “a wonderful journey”, it is horrible to first have no idea about who you are and exactly where you come from, then you’re afraid of the worst, afraid that your biological family is dead, don’t want you anymore or something that. If you’re that lucky to find your biological family, you’re missing them everyday, hating why you were adopted and not the whole family, afraid to lose them again.

Don’t ask questions like “which family do you like the most?” that is just stupid

Don’t ask “Do you feel colombian?” I think every adoptee us confused about their identity before and maybe after as well they had found their biological family.

And we are humans like you, we do also have feelings. We’re not something you just can get when you need a child, to be adopted can affect some of us very much. Don’t adopt if you’re feeling to do something for the world do it because you’re going to love us like your child, treat us like we have the same DNA…


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My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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