These questions about the roots Because

Today I was at the employment Agency (is it the correct word?) because I need a job and if I don’t get one I need unemployment benefits (?) God I’ve never used these words in other languages than swedish. So I had to tell the lady where I have worked before. And suddenly she just asked “Where are you born?” and I wasn’t prepared for that type of questions so it took a while for me to answer then I answered “ehh Colombia..”. I mean why does she need to know that? either way I’ve never got these type of questions since I was like fourteen or something and now I’m not embarrassed to say where I come from because I know almost everything about my roots.

One time when I went to the doctor, she asked me if there were anyone in my family who had heart deceases. And I had to think a while because first I thought about my grandfather here in Sweden then I remembered “Right…we’re not blood related”  so I told here the truth that I was adopted and didn’t know, then she had to know more about me because for her it sounded interesting but for me it’s annoying to tell non-adoptees about my roots.  Because adoptees know how it is and they listen and understand but when non-adoptees hear about it they just think it’s interesting and entertaining like a movie or a book, something you can tell the family when you’re eating or tell your friends.


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My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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