colombia part 1

My opinion about Monserrate

The first I noticed was that there stand llamas outside of the entrance to the elevator to Monserrate and that was cool since I only have seen them in the zoos. When we came up to the mountain, we saw big parts of Bogota. There were a chapel and religious statues. When we went higher there were indigenous people who sold things like souvenirs and food. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there so long time because I have asthma so I had hard to breath.


A unique story about an adoptee

So I am a member of many “adopted from colombia”- groups. And this is what Ana-Lucia Sarhai wrote about her childhood.

Hi everyone. My story might be one of a kind. I was adopted at age of 18 months by a single woman. Her mother wanted to adopt but she couldn’t due to her age. She was too old to adopt. I got raised by my dear grandmother Graceland, and lived about 6 years in Colombia . Then I moved to the United States with my adoptive grandmother. All of her sons and daughters lived here almost all of their lives. I was told by age 8 that I was adopted, but I didn’t feel surprise. I always loved my grandmother. I was adopted spoiled on child girl that had almost everything she could give me. But then I always wondered and wanted to see my biological mother. It was a great I so at age 23 I started searching for her on Facebook and Google but nothing. So then I watched a show about adoptees looking for their biological family with the help of a parent searcher called Gustavo. Ad it called my attention and I contacted him. He helped me a lot, I’m so thankful. 

The next part:

So telling about my story, after moving to the USA we lived with my aunt and she was jealous about me and didn’t get alone. She didn’t like me and I didn’t either. I lived a nightmare. At age 18 I graduated from high school and got a good job but my grandmother and aunt didn’t go to my graduation so I went alone with my boyfriend (now my husband) my aunt and grandmother didn’t a good relationship by that time. So after graduating I got my first job at Payless Shoes. a few months my aunt and grandmother decided to move to Colombia And asked me if I was moving with them or staying in California by myself. So I decided to stayed and asked my boyfriend if he wanted to move and live with me and yes we did that! My adoptive mother was living in New York. So then I started going to a nursing school and got my certificate…

And I will publish the last part as well.

Don’t worry I asked her if I could publish it here.

Good morning Europe (the same time almost in the whole Europe), Good night south america and USA (?)

Guess what woke me up? the phone rang and it was my brother Jhon who called me through whatsapp. I was tired so I didn’t talk that much (I closed my eyes while I was talking with him). But I was happy, I could hear his voice, and if I closed my eyes, I imagined him sitting in his room in Colombia, Bogotá.

So it is raining right now, and I think it’s cozy but I hope it will stop rain when I have to take out the dogs.  So what have I been up to? Not much, so not much to write about but it is three months to Colombia and my dad has booked everything. Oh my god I can’t wait!!!!

Sorry for the negativity

Last night I watched tv, then I realized. We all want to be with somebody, be in love with that person. But what they not know is that you will fight, feel heartbroken, be jealous etc…

You don’t want to experience that for sure, but when you’re in love, you’re stuck in that trap. And if it is the one, you don’t mind fighting because you love each other what’s so ever.

Another story than a story about me

Karen Askenberger was adopted 1995. She came to Sweden when she was 1 year old. From Cali to the south part of Sweden. There are many families that don’t tell their children about their origins but Karens parents have always told her about where she is from. When she grew up she didn’t experience any bully just people that weren’t so intelligent and told her mean things, but she stayed positive and didn’t let that ruin her life. Of course she has felt angry and sad about the adoption which is very common.

December 26 2013 was the date when she found her biological mother, She got help from Colombia tú país (a company that help people find their families). “Actually they(CTP)  called me on christmas eve” she says. Now she has contact with her brother and mother. Even though there are difficulties with the language they still have a good relationship but she hope the relationship will grow stronger.

Then I ask her what her opinion about adoption was, and she answered this:

It is a good option if you can’t have children by yourself. But I think they should follow the adoptions and control that everything is alright, for example I want them to add an authority that can follow the adoptee until it is 18 years old, In that way they can minimize the risk of families that treat their children wrong. I think adoption is good for the children because they are getting a second chance if the parents are good of course.


Welcome to the Friday


Or goodbye Friday, but I started on this post in the afternoon then I got no time to finish it. I feel extremely blessed when I just laid in the sofa, and watched a program with my adoptive mom. Then I hugged her goodnight.

And I wrote to my biological mom and told her that I want to call her before I sleep.

Thank you God!