My Colombian mami 

Since I wrote about my adoptive mom yesterday, I will write about my biological mom now.

Well maybe you have read a lot of her here but I just want to be fair and I love her too.

My biological father wasn’t a gentleman, he left and my mom was alone with two children, well one in her belly. She made the right decision because she was so young and hasn’t enough money for two kids. Now I can’t imagine how it was to carry a child for nine months and then have to leave it in some strangers hands. But it must have felt horrible. 

She grew older to a independent woman, many men have let her down, but she still don’t give up on love, to be honest. I think that is beautiful but I am still worried about her.

Our relationship, when I found her she was like a stranger with beautiful eyes and long hair to me. The relationship is stronger for every day. She’s not like a mom to me since she didn’t raise me. She’s like a sister, we tell everything to each other. And sometimes she give me some motherly advices about boys, family and friends. I think our relationship is special, I can see that love in her eyes when I talk to her, her calm voice really calms me down. And I’m almost a copy of her. Every time we end a Skype- conversation I start to cry, because I miss having her around me even though I only spent three weeks with her. I love and adore her very much.



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My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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