A unique story about an adoptee

So I am a member of many “adopted from colombia”- groups. And this is what Ana-Lucia Sarhai wrote about her childhood.

Hi everyone. My story might be one of a kind. I was adopted at age of 18 months by a single woman. Her mother wanted to adopt but she couldn’t due to her age. She was too old to adopt. I got raised by my dear grandmother Graceland, and lived about 6 years in Colombia . Then I moved to the United States with my adoptive grandmother. All of her sons and daughters lived here almost all of their lives. I was told by age 8 that I was adopted, but I didn’t feel surprise. I always loved my grandmother. I was adopted spoiled on child girl that had almost everything she could give me. But then I always wondered and wanted to see my biological mother. It was a great I so at age 23 I started searching for her on Facebook and Google but nothing. So then I watched a show about adoptees looking for their biological family with the help of a parent searcher called Gustavo. Ad it called my attention and I contacted him. He helped me a lot, I’m so thankful. 

The next part:

So telling about my story, after moving to the USA we lived with my aunt and she was jealous about me and didn’t get alone. She didn’t like me and I didn’t either. I lived a nightmare. At age 18 I graduated from high school and got a good job but my grandmother and aunt didn’t go to my graduation so I went alone with my boyfriend (now my husband) my aunt and grandmother didn’t a good relationship by that time. So after graduating I got my first job at Payless Shoes. a few months my aunt and grandmother decided to move to Colombia And asked me if I was moving with them or staying in California by myself. So I decided to stayed and asked my boyfriend if he wanted to move and live with me and yes we did that! My adoptive mother was living in New York. So then I started going to a nursing school and got my certificate…

And I will publish the last part as well.

Don’t worry I asked her if I could publish it here.


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My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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