So today was mothers day here in Sweden, honestly we in the family don’t celebrate it so much I think it’s better to show your love to your mom everyday.

But I must pay attention to the women who give birth and then the child is kidnapped, she remember the child so much and wish that It would be with her. Remember, all children aren’t legally adopted, in the whole world there are these kinds of cases when someone takes the mothers child and then give it away.



So yesterday I wrote a post in a group for people adopted from Colombia, yes I will write about my future plans that I wrote there later. But suddenly a man starts to question my post “why do people wanna do that, I don’t get it” and I am a person who thinks that everybody has the right to tell their opinions so I didn’t care so much, just explained why. Then he wrote “why do people wanna find their families I don’t get it” at this point I was very angry but I wanted to act like I was more mature than him. 

It’s sad because he is adopted and I think he is scared to search for his parents, or didn’t his parents talk about adoption that much with him.

flashback from when I wanted to dress myself like my big brother


When I was younger like ten years ago, my brother was my role model, I wanted to be like him because he was so cool. He had cool friends and clothes. I think this photo is from when we ate dinner at our grannies house. But I’m embarrassed to say that I might have looked like this in the school as well. My big brother Alec (Alexander) is still very cool but I don’t want to dress like him, the only occasion is when I miss him or when I’m freezing so I wear his old hoodies at home.

Parents who don’t tell the children

I saw a scene from a movie, a woman (she was 30 I guess) found out that her parents wasn’t her real parents. Instead a friend to the family was the biological mother. I don’t know if this happens in the real life, I don’t mean international adoption, national. Me and my adoptive mom talked about these kinds of things and she said that there are some parents who only think about that they are afraid to loose the child is they tell the child the truth. But if you give your child/children love and make them feel safe, they will never leave them even if they have contact with the birth family

And I found it hard to understand adoptive parents who don’t tell the child/children about the country, family, culture. That won’t make the child wanna go back to the birth family  !