Since I can remember I have been shy, now I’m not that shy anymore, maybe when I talk with men (?)

I read something a girl wrote that she was shy or she didn’t take place as a strategy, maybe that’s one of the reasons I am and was shy. I know as well that it must be genetic because my brother Diego is shy and Jhon was shy when he was younger. Maybe there’s another reason. When I went to kindergarten I knew I was different, and sometimes I felt like I didn’t want to play with the other children because they weren’t like me, so I just sat and made drawings or other things. So many times I have chosen to not be with the other children because I will never be like them until fifth grade when I actually started to make friends with people from other countries. Now it feels so weird if I should talk loudly and much because everyone who knows me, know that I am shy and they will be surprised. I must say that sometimes I get mad at myself because I am so shy. So it’s like a vicious circle.

Nowadays I accept that I’m not like everybody else, not fully Swedish nor Colombian, so I try to make it to a positive thing.


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