No I’m not like the maid in family guy

i hate that some people expect that all Latin people are the same, all the Asian people are the same and all the black people etc…

I heard about a woman who comes from Honduras moved from Sweden to USA with her family, her children don’t look so much like her. And the strangers try to speak Spanish to her and ask her how long she has been working for the family. GOD just because there are Hispanic maids, doesn’t mean every woman with origin from Latin America is a maid.

And Asian people, just because a guy is Asian doesn’t mean he’s from China and like noodles and sushi. The worst thing is when Asian women told that sometimes when they with for example their dad, people think that she is a whore and the man paid her. 

I don’t know what most of the publacion think about black people, but I think it is that they are criminal or poor. The worst case is when policemen arrest people just because they are black.

I must write about Muslims as well. Everyone have heard about terrorists in Syria etc.. Nowadays people think or they want to believe that all Muslims are criminal or terrorists. This is so stupid. If there been an accident and the murder was a Muslim the newspaper write “Terrorist killed a man” but if it was a white man it should be “A man killed one victim” or “A man with psychological problems fired a gun and killed a man”

WHY? Why does people believe in this, because they haven’t met these kinds of people so they believe in social media and public media. And that’s so sick. 


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My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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