My dream came true

My dream came true, almost my whole biological family met my adoptive family, it felt a bit weird because they didn’t understand each other so good but it went great. Finally I hugged my brothers and that made me so happy!



Night thoughts

I will be there, I will smell the city I will hear the people I will eat the food. I’ve waited for this in a year, even though it feels tough to be away from my friends in a month I think I will need this. When I went to Colombia for the first time I felt like that was my country, I am Colombian and I need a little part of Colombia in my life. I think I will hang the flag somewhere in my future house.

The gym <3

So the hard part now is to find a gym in Varberg which must be economic healthy for me as well or I’ll need to work out at home. I need to say that the gym is so good for me, I have some place to go to where I feel secure, and I love the feeling you get after I’ve been there.