First day

We are all jet lagged and woke up pretty early, today we’re going to meet my mom and I’m so excited, we’re going to see Bogotá as well.

Night thoughts

I will be there, I will smell the city I will hear the people I will eat the food. I’ve waited for this in a year, even though it feels tough to be away from my friends in a month I think I will need this. When I went to Colombia for the first time I felt like that was my country, I am Colombian and I need a little part of Colombia in my life. I think I will hang the flag somewhere in my future house.

The gym <3

So the hard part now is to find a gym in Varberg which must be economic healthy for me as well or I’ll need to work out at home. I need to say that the gym is so good for me, I have some place to go to where I feel secure, and I love the feeling you get after I’ve been there.