This is my motivation


I’m doing everything for him


A new chapter, a new life

Woaw, much emotions in a few days. A week ago I spent my last days in Colombia, two days ago I was in Helsingborg and now I’m suddenly here in Varberg. Yesterday I felt lonely and a bit depressed. That was yesterday, right now I’m looking forward to study here, I have a goal. To finish this so I can maybe work in Colombia or just earn money for a few months in Colombia. And I don’t feel so lonely, I have my swedish family a one hour from me and I have my colombian family on the phone, I have to make the best of the situation,

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Anger anger and anger

Yes I am angry, that adoptees should pay for their travels back home to their home countries, we didn’t chose to be adopted, we didn’t chose to get out from our countries. Right now it feels so unfair that they live so far away, these days I go from crying to laughing. I’m crying because it’s so unfair but I still love some things here in Sweden like my family and friends. I’m tired of the politics here in Sweden though but I know it’s not better in Colombia but here they are arguing about tiny tiny problems. Tomorrow I’m moving and I’m nervous. But still I’m going to live by my own rules. So that’s what’s in my mind right now.

I am here but I want to be there

Yes I am here in Sweden, I travelled yesterday evening, Colombian time. As always it was hard to say goodbye, I tried to comfort myself with that I will meet them next year. But I will still miss them, the hugs Diego gives me when he come home from school. The singing in the shower by Jhon and the look Fabian gives me when he sees me. I’m very lucky though, I have a big family, parents who did what every parent should do, let the children meet their biological family, for that I love them so much. My biggest wish right now is to stay with the next summer too. I don’t want anything else than to meet them, for everytime I meet them I get to know them a little bit better. 


It’s so emotional

Everything is very emotional, the stories the biological parents say, the reaction of the biological siblings. Even though I’ve met my family two years ago, It’s very emotional to see the reunions of my siblings. I even cried yesterday when I translated for my sister.

Tommorow my adoptive family is going home, of course I’m going to miss them but I will be happy when I’m living with my Colombian family. And when I come home I start a new chapter of my life.