Since I’m having a lecture about this tomorrow and I talked about this in class, I think I should bring it up.

Segregation is the main reason why the racism exist (well some of the racist people just don’t have a normal brain). When I begun kindergarten, I was the one of many few people from other countries, why? Because in that neighbourhood were only very expensive houses and I don’t know… I think if people from other countries want to move to a certain place, they choose the place there they have friends who are very similar to them (from other countries). So even if one family from another country can afford a house their first choice will not be that beautiful house with many swedes as neighbours.  So if there were not so expensive houses there would be different kinds of people.

And you often choose the kindergarten that is most close to you.

If a child begin in a kindergarten with different kinds of children from different places, it would be natural to accept that everyone is different. But if you don’t learn about this from start, you will find it odd, if you’re openminded you will accept it but some people will find it odd and then be scared of what is different.

To just go back to when I went to kindergarten. I felt very odd and not at all like all the others, maybe that’s why I am as I am…


She will be so surprised when she reads this about her

-It’s so cool to have a baby in the belly, to have a little something inside you and it’s growing all the time!

-No it’s not cool, it’s creepy

-I think It’s so fascinating to be pregnant, I think it is because I’m adopted and my mom didn’t have biological children.

-Well…you can ask my mom


Well, that’s how a conversation between me and one of my best friends (and oldest friend) can sound. We are very similar in our personalities, so everything she’s going through, I have already been through (she’s younger than me). So now when I moved we talk in the phone very often ❤️

PS Sorry for not updating so much but I need to save my internet data until I’m coming to Helsingborg (there’s no WI-FI in the house).

The little girl in the little house

The title of this post should be a good title for a childrens book. I am actually a little girl and right now I’m living in this little house with rabbits surrounding the house, hm sounds like a disney movie. Unfortunately I don’t have a prince charming and I can’t live in luxury… well I have much fruits so that’s one kind of luxury. When it’s Sunday and you live in a house alone, no one can come and force you to get up of your bed.

Tomorrow for homework I will read a children’s book in class, I think it’s funny to read children’s books, because sometimes I think the book is interesting so instead of making the book interesting for the children, I make the book interesting for myself. I used to read my sisters books when I were younger, because I was too lazy to read a real book but I wanted to read something.

Anniversary for my blog

So I had this blog in three years now, three years with mixed emotions. When I started this blog it was because I found my family and I was depressed and sad because I missed my brother very much and I needed to write my emotions. Now three years later I am a bit wiser but everything isn’t easy for me. I’m trying to take every day as it come and enjoying what’s good in life.

Thank you for reading my blog, or maybe you have followed my blog for a long time. I’m very thankful for that.
Pues hoy hace tres años desde empecé con este blog, cuando empecé a escribir, extrañe a mi hermano. Yo era muy deprimida y triste, ahora tres años más tarde he descubrido mucho pero todavía hay cosas que aprender, estoy intentando a quedar positiva y disfrutar todo los días. 

Gracias porque has leído mi blog y tal vez has seguido mi blog mucho? Entonces estoy muy feliz por eso.