Since I’m having a lecture about this tomorrow and I talked about this in class, I think I should bring it up.

Segregation is the main reason why the racism exist (well some of the racist people just don’t have a normal brain). When I begun kindergarten, I was the one of many few people from other countries, why? Because in that neighbourhood were only very expensive houses and I don’t know… I think if people from other countries want to move to a certain place, they choose the place there they have friends who are very similar to them (from other countries). So even if one family from another country can afford a house their first choice will not be that beautiful house with many swedes as neighbours.  So if there were not so expensive houses there would be different kinds of people.

And you often choose the kindergarten that is most close to you.

If a child begin in a kindergarten with different kinds of children from different places, it would be natural to accept that everyone is different. But if you don’t learn about this from start, you will find it odd, if you’re openminded you will accept it but some people will find it odd and then be scared of what is different.

To just go back to when I went to kindergarten. I felt very odd and not at all like all the others, maybe that’s why I am as I am…


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My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

3 thoughts on “Segregation”

  1. The issue of racism is largely a predominant issue in many countries. In the US it is a large issue because even though we have had many people who fought to abolish racism and segregation such as martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, the dream of living and enjoying the same rights as human beings before the law has yet to be fulfilled. No one is born a racist, but rather it is taught. If it can be taught it can be unlearned. States, nations and countries do not have to permit it, but many do and that is why racism, especially in the US, is seen as an individual problem, not the problem for the entire country or society to take up or to solve. When the state or nation permits racism to exist, it is said that the state and country is racist, because instead of organizing the entire society into resolving and abolishing racism, it fuels many who are racist to organize and deny people their rights based on their race, skin-color, nationality, etc. I’m not sure how it is in Europe how this issue of racism unfolds, but it appears that it exist and it is felt. I too felt similiar about my circumstances – about being different and being treated differently growing up in my adopted country.

    1. I get frustrated because it doesn’t matter how much people will talk about being against racism, there will still be these people who blame the problems in the country on the people who moved to Sweden from other countries. Right now there are people against immigrants from the Middle East, they want to solve the problems in their countries and not welcome any immigrants and some people even say that all Muslims are terrorists..

      About the US I heard about Donald trump and it’s so horrible to hear his horrible thoughts about immigrants.

      1. Ebbisz, You’re feelings of frustration are valid and not uncommon because you feel deeply for all people in general. Often we hear people who have reactionary and racist ideas tell us what kind of society they are for: a society without immigrants or people who are not similar to them in race, ethnicity or nationality and ‘everything” will then be ok – it will solve problems in the country etc. One of the biggest drawbacks for those who are against racism is that they do not seize the opportunity to make a stand for the kind of society that they stand for to these people: a society that guarantees and defends the rights of all and their well-being on the basis that they have rights on the dint and virtue of being human; inviolable and inalienable rights that cannot be forfeited, nor taken away.

        It is one thing to take a stand against something, but it takes harder work to sort out the very things you stand for and are willing to fight for because this means settling scores with one’s conscience and a break with trend of everyday complacent life. As difficult as it may be, if one follows the dictates of their conscience, one will always be ok.

        You are right to point out an obstacle to the problems of racism which is the racist conditioning people in general receive (and by whom?). Racist ideas are not born of themselves and since people are not born racists, where do racist ideas come from? In the US, there are structures that permit disinformation about people in general and casts blame that people are the problem and the reason there is turmoil and chaos in the country. Mass majority of people do not own the many media outlets and have no control over the discussion of the subjects (of which immigration is one of many) in which many racist ideas are promoted widely and broadly. The media being owned by the wealthy is also supported by the US state. It is why Trump is permitted to broadcast his horrible ideas to everyone and the US State does not step in to put an end to it, for it would not serve their imperial purposes. The state supports and permits the system of disinformation against the people and they control the production of ideas into what subjects are discussed and what the agenda is. The mass majority of people in the US are not included in these discussions. It is a reflection of the poor democracy we have in the US.

        One other point:

        While it is problematic that people hold and have racist ideas, it is important to make the distinction that not all people who have such racist notions in their heads are actually racist in their actions. Racists – true genuine racists – are those who are *active* in organizing the society to deny peoples their fundamental rights on the basis of race and xenophobia and not on the rule of law. Those who commit racist acts have harmonized their racist views with their deeds so it is one and the same.

        After 9/11 many things were said about Muslims in the US that were not true and actions taken against the Muslim and Arab communities as a collective whole by many organs of the state, such as the police and the federal agents. They are also doing the same thing collectively with immigrants. But it is important that there are people who will not permit this and fight for the well-being of all, because it is right and the rule of law. As frustrating as it is, I encourage you to seek out people who are fighting for a society that you see yourself living in and you want to see your children to live in. The issue of racism, or the plight of women in society, or any other 99 problems that we have is not to be taken up by the individual alone because it is an issue facing the entire society, the entire human race. One humanity, one struggle for our rights.

        Please excuse my lengthy response. I hope you take from it what you can. I hope it someway helps you to investigate the problem further for you. -JDM

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