Twenty years from then

Twenty years ago We only spent time when I was in your belly, you talked to me when nobody heard me, then I was born. You cried because you thought you would never see or hear from me again. You started to live your life with a secret that only your sisters knew and they were much younger.

On the other side of earth I started kindergarten, I experienced my first summer and I was afraid of santa claus. I lived my first years carefree of the world outside. Then my adoptivemom started to tell me about you and another life. I started to think about a little girl who was afraid and full of love. In my mind it was a love story with a sad ending.

When I grew up and played with my sister and brother I didn’t know that I had two younger brothers. You needed to live with that secret even though it was hard, you went to the orphanage but they didn’t any information about where I lived.

I was ten years old, I thought of you like a strong woman, I thought of you every time I listened to colombian music, I fantasised about how my family in Colombia was, I dreamed that Shakira was my sister and that everybody lived a life of joy. I knew I was too young to search for my family but I wanted to do it so bad. I told my closest friends about what I knew about you, and that I wanted to find you.

Almost eighteen years from my birth, I finally hugged you, and I felt the love, I felt like it was natural to hug my mom, you looked so much like me, and you behaved like me. Since the day I found you, we have talked to each other about everything. Who knew this would happened 20 years ago? Life can change so quickly. I love you so much Betty Yaneth and thank you for giving me a life, thank you for writing to me whenever something happens. Thank you for raising such a wonderful brothers.

Te amo mamá


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My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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