Well, it started good I thought… but it didn’t went good with the spanish studies. I did learn a lot from it though. Then the spring came and I started to have a few jobs, just to have something to do. I also realized that I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher for real. So i sent in an application to the universities in the south part of Sweden. I didn’t knew where I were going to live and that was a bit exciting.

I found out some bad news that went good at the end but then bad again. I hope this is out of the world soon because I don’t wanna lose people I love.

During this year I’ve met many people, some of them is now very good friends and one of them is something more.

Then I went to Colombia,  me and my siblings country. It felt so good to meet their family I still remember how I had tears in my eyes when Alecs mother told him about her past and how I started to cry when Olivias sister cried, and it felt very good when my families met each other. I felt so excited to see how similar my siblings were the people who lived in Colombia. The legendary vacation in Cartagena was amazing except that I was ill at the end. I thought it was so cozy in the streets during the evening. But I was sad to see how many poor people there are in Colombia. Then it was time for me to live with the other family. I felt so happy to see my brothers happy faces, I felt so happy to see my grandfathers friendly face and taste the good food of my grandmother. Two weeks went fast and I had to say goodbye to my family, I didn’t want to let Fabian go. On the bus I was angry and cried, I was so angry about how unfair life was. It was so hard to say goodbye to my brother Jhon and to my mom. I pray to God that anybody else won’t live so far away from someone they love. Especially the immigrants in Sweden that still have family in their home countries, god bless them !

I came home and during this time I knew I was going to move to Varberg, my parents were looking after apartment for me but they didn’t found any, so I rent a little cottage outside the city. When I came home I moved from home after three days in Sweden. I was nervous and sad. I was still sad about leaving Colombia and I had no one to talk with, I was alone in a new city. I cried a lot. But finally I found some friends. Now I’m happy about my life as it is. Of course I miss my colombian family, and I miss my friends who live far away, but I’m happy because it could have been worse. Now I hope 2016 will be as good as this year or even better.




Appreciate things and people you have around you instead of complain about what you don’t have. Today I found out a few things that made me think about how I appreciate that I have friends who really care, I have parents who will support me whatever I’m doing. The world isn’t fair, the death isn’t fair. I don’t know when it’s my friend/parent/sibling who dies because out there, there are evil people, angry people that don’t care about anyone. People who hate them selves so much that they hate other people too. And there are deceases that can kill anyone and don’t care about who. So start enjoy the life as it is because today God let your life be as it is.

Merry Christmas

I hope you all are having a great christmas, on this day we in Sweden are celebrating christmas, with good food, traditions like donald duck at 3pm, surronded by family. I don’t know if I should write about my year now or before new years eve so I guess I will write about it on new years eve. But until then Merry christmas!


We waited, we couldn’t wait anymore, I was excited because he came like a angel from the sky, two days before Christmas Eve, a miracle.

I got a new cousin 22/12-2015 Colombian time. My aunt Neyla got her first son and a little brother to her daughter Laura Isabella. I wish he will have a great life and I know that he is going to have a great mom. Now I’m very happy, this is what I’ve been waiting for, except Christmas. 




Gracias por todo que me ha dado en mi vida, gracias por cuidar a mis familias, no tengo nada más que necesito de usted porque ya tengo familias que amo mucho, una educación y un buen vida.

Pero ahora me ha dado una otra cosa, el amor. Nunca me he imaginado que se siente como así a estar enamorada. El amor es hermoso, he cambiado. Ya no soy cínica, ya no soy insegura. 


Ayuda con el ingles o help with the spanish

I visited the group on facebook that i’m an administrator on. And I can admit that I can’t help much but I can help with the spanish if you find it hard to understand what the people who want to help you says. And I will give you a reminder that don’t give too much information to the person you think is a biological relative before you are 100% sure. Because there are many people out in the world who can fool you on money, so be careful.

Hoy visite un grupo en facebook donde soy el administrador, no puedo ayudar mucho pero puedo ayudarte con el ingles (o sueco) si necesita ayuda con esto. Aqui en mi blog hay informacion de como puede contactarme.