Macho men

I’m not that girl who use to think that men suck and that women are better as some people. But this is a subject I need to bring up.

Many men in South America and Latin America are macho men, they think they can treat women however they want and get laid whenever they want. If the girl happens to be pregnant, it is normal that the woman take care of the child but many of the men leave the woman with no money and no help. That is the reason why many babies are given up for adoption. Some men are so horrible that they rape the women as well.

To be honest I don’t think that adoption is the right solution for this. People need to realize that the single mothers need economic help, I don’t think that any mother want to give their child for adoption.

And I think it’s important as well to tell these men how to treat a woman, the women also have their own will and the women are the one who are carrying the child. So if the men don’t allow abortion they actually need to be there for the child as a father should be.

Only because my aunts and mother only know how the men in Colombia are they always tell me to be careful with falling in love.



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My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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