Racism and violence 

Sweden used to be a peaceful country, much more peaceful than the Middle East where people come from to live in Sweden. But the truth is that Sweden is full of racism and violence. Adoptees are attacked because of their skin color and home for immigrants are attacked with fire. Even though there are people who are angels, they help the people who have lost much. There are also people who write evil things on Internet, they threaten people, they even hurt people.

Today I found out that a man died, they don’t know why but it can have something to do with that he was stabbed and threaten over fifty times. He was a politician, he fighted for the rights for homosexuals and the black people. May him remind everybody that we still need to fight for an equal society 



I was in Barcelona, I love Barcelona except one thing, there were a lot of tourists and I try to understand Catalan but I don’t understand even though it seems so alike to Spanish.

So now I’m back in rainy and cold Sweden, freezing more than I ever did before.

I enjoyed the time with my family and it’s always fun to be with my siblings!


Buenos dias

Buenos días mi gente!

Tengo este humor cuando quiero escribir en español. Pues mañana me voy a la ciudad donde mi familia vive. Y donde muchos de mis amigos viven. Estoy muy contenta.

Creo que a veces está bien a tener una pausa de la vida como una mujer adulta. Solo puedo estar una hermana y hija por un rato y entonces voy a tener tiempo para descansar. 

Muchos besos para todos!

The spring is here

Oh my god the spring is finally here!

So I decided to clean the apartment and open the windows… I swear when I lived with my parents I didn’t decide to clean the house or my room and now I did that. Hm I guess that’s how to grow up. I guess it’s important to clean so you don’t feel bad over how nothing is organized.

So I’m very happy that the spring is here. I’m glad to see the sun and that I finally can wear my thin jacket and my colorful sneakers. And of course I will wear a cap instead of a hat.

It’s like the life is turning out to be better thanks to the sun.  I got hope for everything again, everything is going to be great!