International womens day

I didn’t have time to write since my school decided to have the same month as deadline for anything.

But here I am wishing you all a happy womens day. I wish the women will be treated better in some parts of the world. In Sweden we came very far with feminism (some people too far). But for example in India women are raped and in Afghanistan women can’t go to school. In the Latin countries it’s too usual that women are left by the father of the children with no money or anything just because he doesn’t want to take care of a child.

I wish the world will be a better place for women in at least ten years. I think we can do things everyday that can make a change. If you’re a man you can think about how the equality is at work. Everybody can stand up for each other, dare to stand out of the gender roles!

My adoptive mom is a role model, at her work there are no difference between the man and the woman. She is the one who is working the most, it was dad who teached her to cook so I guess he is the better one in the kitchen. She is very sure about what she want, she’s absolutely the leader of the family or the boss.

And my biological mom is strong, she has five (four in her household) children. Four sons that don’t always agree with her but she keeps working hard for the family!

So happy womens day everybody ! 


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My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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