Love is a powerful drug

Okay… I’m going to write something very personal, but first.

I was a wreck I thought guys would only break my heart… I thought anyone would break my heart, so I didn’t hope for much when I stand there…waiting at the train station after a few weeks of texting.

Three months later my sister has been through a crying and angry me. My friends been through a time when I sent pictures of him and me. And times when I said that he was an idiot. I didn’t rust him much.

When I fell in love, he went to my apartment, 45 minutes from where he’s living. I was ill, I didn’t brush my hair and I probably smelled…you know that smell you have when you’re ill. I didn’t knew he was on his way so I didn’t have time to shower. I opened the door and I was so surprised that I didn’t know what to say. That day he took care of me and he didn’t care how I looked. That day we kissed for the first time.

He is the first man I’m in love with…the first man I can say whatever that comes through my mouth.

I am aware of that love has some difficulties but I’ve also learned that if you love someone you’ll never give up.  So yes It hasn’t always been easy but now I know that I will not give up on him.

And I guess that the secret of love is patience, honesty and trust.


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My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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