The following weeks are going to go so fast

And then it was the end of April… it feels like it recently was February, the time goes so fast! But I’m so happy that I’ve got friends here and now I actually don’t want to go home to my family every week. If someone told me that in september I would just look at them like they are stupid. So the following weeks I will be at the kindergarten and it’s going to be awesome. I’m going to be tired but it’s worth it!


This song reminds me of…

This song bring up so many feelings, I almost cry when I hear it because it’s so beautiful. Last year, in august and september I was living in a little cottage that was outside of the city. I just had a limit amount of internet and all the neighbors were living in their cottages in the summer so I was alone.

I’ve just arrived from Colombia and just spent the weekend in the house with my family. So I lived in a new place all alone and was sad because I had to leave Colombia. It was a hard time for me and I’m glad that I found a new place to live and that I’ve got more friends here. Now I don’t feel alone, and if I do I can just go for a walk in the city and then I won’t feel alone anymore.


Two months to summer

Two months left and I have so much to do, good for me that I didn’t plan to do anything else. I guess it will feel so great to just relax this summer, to don’t have to think about important things until I come home from Colombia.

A few days ago I thought about something to write but I forgot but when I remember it again I will write it!

It’s hot outside like in Bogotá 

A few days ago it started to be sunny and wormer. And today it was a sunny day and almost as hot outside like it is in Bogotá a sunny day. I like to be reminded of Colombia in one or another way because I miss that city and country so much. 

It was the same thing yesterday when I had the door open to the balcony and the air smelled exactly  like an evening in Bogotá. I have a theory, if I make my home and my environment as Colombian as I can I will not miss that country so much.  

I went to the church 

So I went to the church, I like the church, I like how it is in the church, it’s so calm an quiet but not that feeling you get when you’re alone in a house. I can’t explain exactly.

Yes I believe in God, I think it’s important to believe in something so you can survive the hard things in life. A visit at the counselor and the church made me so much happier and relived.   

When u don’t feel Swedish but you neither feel like you belong the people in your home country

The song is in Swedish but it is about a guy who is born in Sweden. His mom is from Sweden and his father from Gambia so when his family moved from the suburb where many people are from other countries to a suburb where there lived many Swedish people he didn’t feel so Swedish because of racism. He decided to go to Gambia but when he was in Gambia they saw him like a swede.

I believe many adoptees can relate at least some of the adoptees here in Sweden. Since for the first here’s a lot of racism, people use to divide people into to groups: the immigrants and the totally blond swedes. And if you for example go to Colombia, you have the look but not the language so people start to question where you are from.