When life is pretty messed up but I like it

I’m happy for one thing, that I don’t just keep my opinions for myself.

My life changed a bit and I’m happy for that, I feel very home here in Varberg and I’ve met wonderful people. It feels like the summer will go very fast.

I don’t know what to write but I ain’t leaving you guys!


When the chaos isn’t in my head

For ones in my life everything is great here around me and my home. But I can’t relax since I know that someone I care about is feeling worse than worse today and she’ll do that for a long time. I wish I could meet her right now and stay with her until everything is better.


The other side of the storm

So today I went to the counselor for the last time in a very long time which make me realize that I’ve changed so much psychically, I feel stronger. But I will admit that I’m a bit scared, because right now everything is too good to be truth and it hasn’t been like that in a very long time. The last year I didn’t even felt a bit good like I do right now and that makes me wonder, when is the breaking point? When will I start all over again to feel like shit? 

I feel blessed to feel this good and I can only enjoy the time that I have ahead of me, I’m finally strong without having to faking it. 

Ebbas week

Yes my week was a bit busy. I’m having my internship at the kindergarten and there are long days and not exactly quiet. Then I wen home to my family and suddenly I couldn’t eat because I was ill in the stomach. Now I’m better, and I’m going back to the kindergarten tomorrow.

Growing up

I realized that I’ve changed so much, I like my apartment and this city, I don’t like to talk about pimples, pretend to have bad confidence so we have something to talk about. I’m done with complaining about how my belly isn’t flat or anything like that. I’m proud to say that I love myself and I don’t like to be fake to one another. The sexteen year old Ebba is gone. I’m done with guys with a childish brain and a hot body, I’m done with people who are stuck in the past or people who don’t have any plans at all for the future because I deserve better than that!