She describes my feelings 

Finally I get to hear my exactly how I feel.  Kristin Amparo was adopted from Colombia and then her bio mom wrote to her and this is her song to her bio mom. And that’s exactly how I feel, finally someone takes the words out of my mouth and I’m not alone about feeling alone. And this is the first time I cried because of the lyrics in a song. I cry everytime I hear it.


This city 

I moved to this city because I was going to study here, and then move to Gotemburg.

But the truth is that I will stay here forever, I fell in love with this city.

A night full of visions

So here I am in my bed… In a hotel… Hearing my mom snoring. And I admit that I am tired, mostly in my legs since I’ve walked all day. But in my head as well. I like how my brain get all the great ideas when I’m about to sleep but yeah at least I’m not forgetting them. 

However I would like to say that I’m so happy about my family… Both my families of course and I’m so happy about all the memories I’ve shared with my friends and I’m looking forward for more adventures and memories. My friends are the best, each one of them. I couldn’t beg for better friends. So when I’m not writing here it’s because I’m out there somewhere in the world making memories with my friends or family.

And thank you guys for reading my blog, you are amazing ❤
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No my dog isn’t here with me, but I took the photo yesterday. I’m at a sunny place dreaming of my future.

My best friend and she’s very smart as well. We talked about that now in the summer is the time we think about new ideas and we try new things or find our motivation to reach our goals and yes I agree.

I have a list of things I want to do this summer and in the future in my life, I guess it is less depressing to think about the future and not the studies, and think about the reason why I study. I love children, and I would like to be a part of those who make their future brighter by being there for them, see them and maybe be their role model. Maybe I will have the opportunity to study abroad or work abroad, in that case I can use my skills in Spanish and my fake-British accent (that I am practicing while I’m watching English series). 

And I think that I can use the fact that I’m adopted in the daily work as a kindergarten teacher because some of these children need to meet older people who are like them to see that they are not alone and learn more about their heritage. 

However that’s my thoughts the first vacation day on Mallorca. I wonder if I will be full of ideas when I return to Sweden. 

The things you missed in your own childhood are the things you can make better in others lives.

Love my sis

My mom took a worse photo of us sleeping at the airplane and she had the head on my legs and I held her legs. But that photo will only my family see.

However it’s so great how close we are, yeah we fight but we can laugh at something for an hour and say mean things to each other without hurting each other. She is the best friend I have and she will always be completely honest to me.

A summer full of events

I’m so happy about my life right now. A new life with people who don’t are like the people in the town where I grew up. Not because I hate the people here, but I’m not like them and I am happy to come to a place where anyone don’t know anything about me or anything about who my siblings are.

And sometimes it’s positive to move to a new place. And meet some friends who are the best.


Dear Edwin 

Dear Jhon Edwin, dear my brother, my flesh and blood. I’ve learned a few things, guys have only the power to break your heart if you let them so from now on I’m not letting anyone break my heart or make me fall in love. Nothing can break me, except the fact that you are there and I’m here. I miss u, I miss your voice and just the feeling of you being nearby, but I will soon be with you.

What breaks me too, is when a sibling feel like shit and I can’t do anything about it, I just can let her cry, let her suffer until she’s strong enough to leave everything behind, I live my life for my family and no one else.