When I missed the airplane

It was Thursday and I was leaving my birthcountry, I said goodbye to everyone. I cried, my little cousin cried. Then I was at the airport with my big brother Jhon. We started to talk about everything, I think we never talked so much before, I told him things I’ve only told my nearest friends or my sister. It felt good, then I said goodbye, he told me not to cry so I didn’t. I smiled through the security check and to the gate. I thought it was odd that there were so few people and the flight attendants looked at me and my boarding card. Then I walked to them because I wanted to ask when the boarding is beginning and the stewardess said “oh you missed your flight” and I went panicking, I said oh my god over and over again, I cried and I was begging to go on the plane. She said “see the plane is going”. And I was so mad at myself ! 

I was lucky because Jhon wasn’t far away from the airport so he got a taxi for us so we returned to the house. I had the worst panic attack ever. I was shaking and I was crying because it went so wrong. My little cousin was happy to see me again and now afterwards it’s a nice story to tell.

The next day I said goodbye to everyone since it felt so weird to say goodbye again and this time my bio mom followed me to the airport.

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